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Safari Ltd. began in 1982 with a wide variety of hand-painted collectables and educational information to help educate children about Earth and it’s creatures. Now celebrating our 30th anniversary, Safari Ltd. is so much more than an educational toy. Spice up your next party with an “under the sea” theme, transform a room in to animal oasis, or create a fun cake topper with Safari Ltd. Your options are limitless. Safari Ltd. is the perfect way to add some excitement to your life!

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    Exploring Ancient Egypt

    What do you know about ancient Egyptian culture?  Are you interested in learning more? Let us introduce you to our Ancient Egypt line of replicas.

    Not only are the replicas beautifully hand-painted, but they each come with educational information to teach you about how the ancient Egyptians lived. Below you see the Egyptian Thoth featured:


    Did you know the Thoth was the moon God? He was also responsible for inventing the written language according to history. 

    We also offer an Ancient Egypt TOOB, which includes many other replicas important to the culture. Some of the replicas including are the Pyramids of Giza, Bastet, and Queen Nefertiti.


    Posted on Monday, August 13th 2012

    Summer Space Education

    Kids are naturally curious, and few things pique their interest more than the vast, unknown universe outside of our world. Children are able to gaze at the stars with Safari Ltd.’s telescopes, but what they are often unfamiliar with is the people and spacecrafts that we send into space to explore.       

    Safari Ltd.’s Adventures in Space Collector’s Case and Space TOOBS® have fun and colorful astronaut, satellite and space shuttle replicas that show kids the technology and vehicles that go into space in the name of exploration. They can have their own pretend lift offs and walks on the moon while you explain to them how humans first went into space and what discoveries have been made since the space program started so many decades ago.


    If they really take a liking to space exploration take them on trip to the local space museum, or just a virtual tour of the Discovery. The American Space Rockets poster is also another cool way for them to learn more about the spacecrafts NASA has used right at home. 

    Posted on Friday, July 27th 2012

    Educating During the Olympics

    With the Olympic games beginning in London this weekend, families are sure to be glued to the television watching the world’s best athletes compete for gold. The opening ceremony this Friday is a good opportunity for a geography lesson to introduce kids to places they might not have heard of before. 


    Using the figures in Safari Ltd.’s Around the World TOOB, parents can show kids the different landmarks and give them a simple culture lesson about the different people from foreign countries. It’s a fun tool to have when the teams from different countries are introduced. For example, you can bring out the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triumph replica when the French team is introduced so children can make the connection among the people, flag and landmarks located in that particular country.

    Also, there are sure to be lots of images of London landmarks throughout the games, and the Big Ben replica in the TOOB will give kids a tangible visual reference to relate to when they see it on TV. It’ll be like having their own Olympic memorabilia! 

    Posted on Wednesday, July 25th 2012

    Travel with Your Favorite Landmarks

    If you and your family are doing summertime travel this July, chances are you’re going to see some cool attractions, buildings and monuments along the way. Whether you’re taking your family on a road trip up the East Coast or embarking on a European adventure, the Around the World TOOBS® is a fun travel toy to take along to help kids become familiar with famous historical landmarks and attractions. They also serve as a fun reminder of the places they have been or want to visit sometime.


    Even if you’re not traveling across the country, these small replicas are perfect for introducing a basic knowledge of the world’s wonders to curious kids. 


    Posted on Friday, July 13th 2012

    Endangered Animal Education

    At Safari Ltd. our mission is to educate children on animals and endangered wildlife, helping to promote conservation efforts in a fun, yet educational way.

    With the list of endangered and extinct animals growing every year, it’s important to educate children so future generations can exercise sustainable practices.

    Does your child know that there are species disappearing from our planet at a rapid pace? We’ve found that before educating children on endangered and extinct animals we must show them how animals and the Earth are connected.

    Our Wild Safari® Wildlife line does just that. It aims to change the way children view the Earth and it’s inhabitants. The line has a great selection of exotic and rare animal replicas, some of which are considered endangered or close to extinct. It’s a great way to introduce kids to these rare and endangered animals, like the Malayan Tapir, which is slowly being wiped out due to deforestation.

    Most recently, the last Pinta Island tortoise, known as Lonesome George, died at the Charles Darwin Research Station in the Galapagos. How does this affect children? Introducing children to exotic, endangered animals, like the tortoisepanda or African wild dog, can open up the conversation about how small losses over a long period of time can lead to an ecological crisis, through climate change.

    Posted on Friday, July 13th 2012

    Importance of Educational Toys

    For the last 30 years, our company, Safari Ltd. has taken pride in creating quality replicas that are inspired by nature. Our company was first inspired by a themed deck of cards of endangered species. Later, we would sign a license agreement with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History that allowed us to produce authentic, scale-model dinosaur figures with the collaboration of their paleontologists.


    It is our dedication to authenticity and education that sets our replicas apart in the industry. Each purchase of our products has accompanying educational information that can be found on our website. Our educational information section of our website has allowed us to extend the reach to our customers by being available in five different languages anywhere there is Internet access available. Whether you are a parent, educator, or collector we are happy to provide this service to help you learn more about your replicas.

    Posted on Monday, June 18th 2012

    Creating One-of-a-Kind Class Projects

    Building models and dioramas for class projects are a great way for children to learn about a particular subject in a “hands on” manner.  Our Wild Safari® line is the perfect accessory to spice up your child’s next school project, and is also a great way for children to have fun outside the classroom once their diorama is completed. 




    With the help of our Wild Safari® series, a child can take their next art or science class project from boring and dreary, to exciting and lively, with one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, educational models.                               

    Posted on Wednesday, May 30th 2012

    Remembering the Reason for Memorial Day

    Often when Americans think of Memorial Day, they think of BBQ’s, the kick off of summer, and department store sales. While we can all appreciate the relaxation around the holiday, we at Safari Ltd. think it is important to remember what the holiday stands for. It is also a great opportunity for a history lesson for you and your children or students. 


    With our Historical Collection of Confederate and Union Army TOOBS® collection, you can give your children or students a visual to reflect on the historical events we remember. Our replicas can give you a look back in time from learning about how soldiers loaded their muskets, how they traveled to the battlegrounds, where they stayed, and what they were fighting for.


    From all of us here at Safari Ltd., we hope that you have a safe holiday weekend and take a moment to remember those that we have lost in the fight for freedom in the United States.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 23rd 2012

    Capturing Realism

    Here at Safari Ltd. we put pride in the realistic qualities of our replicas. Every detail from the grain of the animals fur to the glass-like appearance of their eyes is done with intention. You might also be interested to find out that each of our replicas is hand-painted.

    Our realistic qualities have made our replicas perfect to use for class projects or photos in the wild to give a similar up-close feeling looking at the photographs than if they were looking at the real thing. 

    A fun activity for your students is to create a habitat for the animals you are studying and let your children use a classroom camera to try and make their photo look as the animal is in the wild. This activity is sure to put a smile on all of your students’ faces. 

    For more ideas on how to use our replicas for scenes of realism, please check out our Pinterest board.

    Posted on Monday, May 14th 2012

    Teaching with Play Trays

    In honor of Educator’s Appreciation week, we’d like to share some ideas on creating interactive learning opportunities. Today’s post idea were sent in by our fan Nicole of Nicole shared with us that she uses our replicas to create play trays that can be used to create a hands-on learning environment.


    You can create your own play trays by using a tray, related props, and our replicas. This idea is perfect for educators that are looking for a way to enhance students’ learning. Whether you are studying the animals of Antarctica or the life-cycle of a frog, our replicas are perfect addition to get your students excited about learning.


    For more information on creating your own play trays please visit:

    Posted on Monday, May 7th 2012