Safari Ltd.

Safari Ltd. began in 1982 with a wide variety of hand-painted collectables and educational information to help educate children about Earth and it’s creatures. Now celebrating our 30th anniversary, Safari Ltd. is so much more than an educational toy. Spice up your next party with an “under the sea” theme, transform a room in to animal oasis, or create a fun cake topper with Safari Ltd. Your options are limitless. Safari Ltd. is the perfect way to add some excitement to your life!

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    Back-to-School Play

    With the start of school right around the corner, kids will be back to set schedules and structure. What about unstructured play? After a day full of learning and structure, after-school and weekend play are essential outlets for your children to relax. To cater to the most eccentric mind, we have created a line of Fairy Fantasy Figures.


    Perfect for after-school, weekend or sleepover playtime, Fairy Figures come in a variety of colors and companion fantasy animals. We also carry a Fairy Fantasies Fairy Pony to accommodate all Fairy Figures and the Fairy Fantasies Tea Party Set, which is great for play dates. With our toys, children can nurture their creative side and build their own fantasy wonderland.


    Fairy Figures also come in a travel Fairy Fantasies Toob, which are perfect for roadtrips or taking to class for show-and-tell!

    Posted on Friday, August 10th 2012

    Kicking off the Summer with Memorial Day Weekend

    Memorial Day celebrations have been an American tradition since 1868, and today many of us throw parties and barbecues, combining a serious occasion with a get together of close friends and family. It’s a day to commemorate and catch up with loved ones – hosting the party should not be stressful. To ensure a day of rest and relaxation, plan ahead. How will you keep the kids occupied so the parents can enjoy the party?



    Children enjoy playing with one another, but it’s smart to plan structured activities. If you’re expecting a lot of kids then plan a scavenger hunt in the backyard. Using prizes that the children will be able to play with once the scavenger hunt is over will occupy them for hours. Our Safariology series is economical, educational, and encourages outdoor adventure and play. Plus, prizes will ensure a fun environment for the children and a stress-free party for the parents.

    Posted on Monday, May 21st 2012

    Photo Fun with our Replicas

    Looking for a fun way to make your photos more interesting? Just add our replicas! Our replicas can be a great way to add cheer to your children’s faces during family photo shoots or used creativity for your own photography.

    Don’t forget about holiday photos either! Our replicas can add the perfect touch to your party invite or holiday card. Take a look at some examples that our fans have sent in to us.

    Looking for other holiday photo ideas? Check out our Pinterest account for creative ideas on how to photograph our replicas!

    Posted on Monday, April 30th 2012