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Safari Ltd. began in 1982 with a wide variety of hand-painted collectables and educational information to help educate children about Earth and it’s creatures. Now celebrating our 30th anniversary, Safari Ltd. is so much more than an educational toy. Spice up your next party with an “under the sea” theme, transform a room in to animal oasis, or create a fun cake topper with Safari Ltd. Your options are limitless. Safari Ltd. is the perfect way to add some excitement to your life!

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    Learning “Above and Below” with Safari Ltd® TOOBS®

    With Safari Lt TOOBS®, learning and reinforcing the concept of “above and below” has never been easier. Terms such as over, under, below and above can be easily understood by simply playing with Safari Ltd® TOOBS®. Use this for your preschool curriculum or for an easy educational game in your very own home!

    For example, let’s use our Space, In the Sky, On the Road, Around the World and Ocean TOOBS®.

    Above all the other TOOBS® is the Space TOOB® which contains spacecraft, astronauts, and more:


    Below the Space TOOB® are the replicas of the In the Sky TOOB®:


    Around the World TOOB® consists of the world’s greatest civilizations and the On the Road TOOB® consists of cars, trucks, motorcycles – both on land. These replicas are below the Space and In the Sky TOOBS®:



    Lastly, is the Ocean TOOB®:


    Now, after going through the order of these replicas, mix ‘em all up! Identify and recognize the things that are above and/or below other things.

    Which TOOBS® would you use to demonstrate the concept of “Above and Below”? Be creative!

    Posted on Thursday, January 3rd 2013

    Create Venn Diagrams with Safari Ltd® Replicas!

    Teach your child the similarities and differences between “things” (i.e. animals, people, objects, the list goes on!) by simply using two circles that overlap – aka the famous Venn diagram. Invented by John Venn in 1880, these diagrams allow your kiddo to easily picture the relationships between different groups of “things.” This graphic is beneficial for both concrete and abstract ideas.  

    Follow the steps below to create a Venn diagram:

    1) Choose what “things” you want to compare and contrast. It can range from movies to recipes to animals. To spice up the idea of a Venn diagram, use our Safari Ltd® replicas! For example, let’s use the trumpet and the French horn from our Musical Instruments TOOB®.


    2) Draw two circles side by side that overlap each other. See the photo below.


    3) Label the items being compared above each circle. In this case, you would add “Trumpet” above the left circle and “French Horn” above the right circle. 

    4) List the distinct characteristics of the trumpet on the left circle that is not overlapping. To find out information about the trumpet, start with visiting and check out our educational information for the Musical Instruments TOOB®. Here, we can add to the Venn diagram that the trumpet has the highest pitch range of the brass family and is among the oldest of instruments. Repeat this for the French Horn on the right circle that is not overlapping.

    5) In the middle, list the characteristics of the trumpet and French horn that are the same. For example, they are both in the brass family.

    Now, your Venn diagram will look something like this:



    With Safari Ltd® replicas, the number of Venn diagrams you can make are endless! This educational (and fun!) activity will allow you to compare and contrast several different animals, dinosaurs, dragons and more!  


    Which Safari Ltd® replicas would you like to compare and contrast in a Venn diagram with your kiddo?

    Posted on Friday, December 21st 2012

    3 Baby Shower Ideas Using Just One Product

    You’re giddy with excitement, maternal love is in the air, you have an excuse to go on a shopping spree – but wait! You now have a baby shower to plan and you’re desperate for ideas…

    Look no further! Safari Ltd® has got you covered. Depending on your party size, simply pick up one or two of our Bundles of Babies Bulk Bags and you’ve already got 3 ideas!

    1. Guess How Many Babies Game

    Before the start of the party, fill a jar or bowl with baby figures. To give it some pizzaz, you can tie a pink or blue ribbon around the top. Have all of the guests guess the number of babies in the jar. The person closest to the correct number gets a baby shower prize! This is a fun spin on a classic game that takes little effort – especially good for any elderly attendees you may have.

    2. Babysitting Game

    Upon arriving to the party, give each attendee one baby that he or she must “babysit” for the entire baby shower. Attendees must keep the baby with them, except when everyone is participating in a hands-on game. If anybody leaves his or her baby unattended, another partygoer may “adopt” his or her baby for the rest of the party. The person at the end of the party with the most babies wins a baby shower prize!

    3. Cupcake Toppers

    Whether you bake cupcakes or buy them, our Bundles of Babies figures are the perfect accessory to put on top! Guests will love the cute figures that spice up their dessert, and they double as a decoration if you have the cupcakes on display.

    Do you have any other ideas for games with our Bundles of Babies Bulk Bag?

    Posted on Friday, October 5th 2012

    Learning About Ecosystems

    Does your child enjoy the replicas in our Safari Farm or our Wild Safarii® Wildlife collections? Why not take their learning to the next level by building a biome model to explore the ecosystems that their favorite animals live in? Whether you are looking for an after-school activity or something fun and educational to do on the weekend, building these models can be a great option.


    You can start on your ecosystem model by first deciding which area you are going to focus on. You can let your child pick their favorite animal and then continue by researching the environment they live in. Different factors to look for are plant life, animal life, rocks, weather conditions and how the animals interact together in the area. Once you have researched the area you can start to build your model by using a cardboard box, or storage container. You can then fill the environment of your biome model with materials collected from around your house, the backyard, or even a local craft store. 


                (Photo credit: Dary Caballero)

    Once your environment has been built, you and your child can have fun placing our animal replicas inside the model appropriately. This activity will help give your child further dimension about the animals that they often play with all while having fun! It can also be fun for your kids to take pictures of their replicas as if they were in their native habitats. Featured above you will see a fan photo sent into us by Dary Caballero.

    Posted on Friday, August 17th 2012

    Exploring Ancient Egypt

    What do you know about ancient Egyptian culture?  Are you interested in learning more? Let us introduce you to our Ancient Egypt line of replicas.

    Not only are the replicas beautifully hand-painted, but they each come with educational information to teach you about how the ancient Egyptians lived. Below you see the Egyptian Thoth featured:


    Did you know the Thoth was the moon God? He was also responsible for inventing the written language according to history. 

    We also offer an Ancient Egypt TOOB, which includes many other replicas important to the culture. Some of the replicas including are the Pyramids of Giza, Bastet, and Queen Nefertiti.


    Posted on Monday, August 13th 2012

    Back-to-School Play

    With the start of school right around the corner, kids will be back to set schedules and structure. What about unstructured play? After a day full of learning and structure, after-school and weekend play are essential outlets for your children to relax. To cater to the most eccentric mind, we have created a line of Fairy Fantasy Figures.


    Perfect for after-school, weekend or sleepover playtime, Fairy Figures come in a variety of colors and companion fantasy animals. We also carry a Fairy Fantasies Fairy Pony to accommodate all Fairy Figures and the Fairy Fantasies Tea Party Set, which is great for play dates. With our toys, children can nurture their creative side and build their own fantasy wonderland.


    Fairy Figures also come in a travel Fairy Fantasies Toob, which are perfect for roadtrips or taking to class for show-and-tell!

    Posted on Friday, August 10th 2012

    Preparing Lesson Plans for Back-to-School

    As back-to-school ads start to play on the radio and TV, it is official that we are entering the final stretch of summer. While parents are thinking about back-to-school supplies, teachers are preparing for the upcoming school year by finalizing lesson plans. We’ve made it easy for teachers to find exciting new ways to refresh past lesson plans with our products.

    Are you planning on a marine life unit this year? Refresh your teaching materials with our Sharks Poster, showing different species that roam the ocean. 


    Our Monterey Bay collection replicas are also a great addition to any marine animal unit.  


    Not only will these visuals make your lesson plans more exciting for your students, but the replicas in our collection are sculpted with collaboration of the scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This makes our replicas stand out because they are scientifically accurate, making them great models to use in the classroom. 

    Not teaching a marine unit this year? We have a wide range of replicas that are sure to match up with any of your planned lessons. You can browse our other products on our website at:

    Posted on Friday, August 3rd 2012

    Getting Creative with Penguin Replicas

    At Safari Ltd., we pride our company on providing quality and educational replicas that also support unstructured play. In today’s world, it can often seem easier to occupy our children with electronic devices instead of encouraging kids to use their imagination. We believe that it’s important for parents and teachers to take the extra time of giving their children creative ways to encourage using their imaginations.

    We love to hear the creative uses families and classrooms have found for our products. Family Chic, recently did a feature on our products that we thought was especially creative and worth sharing with you. Camilla Fabbri came up with a race idea for her kids that used our Penguins Bulk Bag, an ice cube tray, and a little brain power. 


    First, pick penguins out of our bulk bag and put them in an ice cube tray. Then, fill the ice cube tray and place in the freezer. Once frozen, your kids will have 4 different options to help melt their penguins the fastest.

    1. Warm water
    2. A bowl of salt
    3. Your hands
    4. Hot sidewalk

    Allow your kids to pick one of the four options and watch who melts their penguin free first! Not only is this a fun activity, but it is also a great opportunity to teach your child about the habitats of penguins. Since there are 4 options to melt the penguins, it is also an activity that can occupy a whole afternoon. 

    To read the full feature of our products from Family Chic, please visit:

    Posted on Friday, August 3rd 2012


    Teaching Kids About Complicated Science Discoveries

    This is a big week for science! It was announced Wednesday that scientists think they have found the Higgs Boston particle, a particle that is said to explain why objects have mass, and ultimately tell us why planets, universes and galaxies exist.

    Complex scientific discoveries may be difficult to explain to children so our advice is to focus on the fundamentals instead of every detail. By keeping kids up-to-date on newsworthy events and discoveries you are helping them see connections to things they have learned about space and science in school and applying them to real life.

    One way to introduce kids to the news of a discovery like this is by educating them on the basics of space and the universe. At Safari Ltd., we not only encourage the education of the world around us and the creatures in it, but also what lies beyond our planet. Our Solar System Poster is a great starting point to teach kids about our universe and the other planets. If you are looking for a more detailed learning tool, you can check out our The Planets Poster for a deeper look into space.


    Posted on Friday, July 6th 2012

    Toys to Travel With

    On plane or train trips, long car rides, and days at the beach — or whenever peace & quiet is required — keep your child entertained by bringing along a favorite toy that travels well. Not only are our products educational, and fun, but they are also easy to slip into your travel bag.


    Our Safari Ltd. TOOBS® packaging makes our sets a great choice for traveling. The tube container is an easy way to keep your child’s toys together without taking up too much space packing. We are sure that we have a set to satisfy any child’s play dreams too with a variety of sets ranging from dragons, farm animals, exotic birds, to revolutionary war replicas.  So the next time you are getting ready for your next trip, remember our TOOBS®!


    Posted on Monday, June 4th 2012