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Safari Ltd. began in 1982 with a wide variety of hand-painted collectables and educational information to help educate children about Earth and it’s creatures. Now celebrating our 30th anniversary, Safari Ltd. is so much more than an educational toy. Spice up your next party with an “under the sea” theme, transform a room in to animal oasis, or create a fun cake topper with Safari Ltd. Your options are limitless. Safari Ltd. is the perfect way to add some excitement to your life!

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    Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree with Safari Ltd®

    If you celebrate Christmas in your home, decorating the tree can be one of the most fun bonding activities your family does all year. But did you ever think that it could also be educational?

    While decorating the tree you can teach your child concepts like symmetry and balance. You can also discuss weight, and how heavier ornaments make the pine needles sag lower than lighter ornaments do. Other concepts to teach are electricity and fire, and how it is dangerous to leave the tree on at night. Another idea is to teach biology by explaining that you have to water the tree in order for it not to go dry.

    You can also get very creative by making your own ornaments, or even turn your child’s toys into ornaments by crafting with some string. We love our new Safari Ltd® Christmas Designer TOOB® figures that double as ornaments – and this is just one example!

    Do you have a particularly fond memory of decorating your holiday tree?

    Posted on Friday, December 7th 2012

    Teaching your Child Tolerance

    While the classic school subjects are necessary, it is crucial to remember that social education is just as important – if not more. Every school has bullies, but as a parent it is your job to make sure your son or daughter isn’t one of them. One hot issue is discrimination, and a great way to teach your child to not discriminate against other races and ethnicities is through Safari Ltd® toys.

    This might seem like a stretch at first, but using animals and toys is an excellent way to illustrate the point that although people are different, it doesn’t make them any less human. To teach this lesson, you first need to gather several replicas that are the same animal species but in different families within that species. For example, you can compare our Wildlife Wonders™ Asian Elephant and Wildlife Wonders™ African Elephant, Wild Safari® White Bengal Tiger and Wild Safari® Bengal Tiger, Wildlife Wonders™ Siberian Tiger and Wildlife Wonders™ White Siberian Tiger, Wild Safari® Bactrian Camel and Wild Safari® Dromedary Camel, any of our Wild Safari® Sealife Penguins, any of our Winners Circle Horses, and the list goes on.

    Whichever two or more replicas you choose (we recommend you use a couple different species as examples) you can show that both animals are beautiful and unique in their own way, but a tiger is still a tiger and a penguin a penguin. You can then talk about how different many of your friends look, how you are blonde but your husband is brunette, how your best friend is Asian and her husband is French, but you all are still human. Show how neither of the animals is better than the other – they are just different. You can even elaborate how great it is that they are different because it adds so much more beauty to the world.

    How have you taught your children the importance of accepting others? Tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter!

    Posted on Monday, September 17th 2012

    Back-to-School Play

    With the start of school right around the corner, kids will be back to set schedules and structure. What about unstructured play? After a day full of learning and structure, after-school and weekend play are essential outlets for your children to relax. To cater to the most eccentric mind, we have created a line of Fairy Fantasy Figures.


    Perfect for after-school, weekend or sleepover playtime, Fairy Figures come in a variety of colors and companion fantasy animals. We also carry a Fairy Fantasies Fairy Pony to accommodate all Fairy Figures and the Fairy Fantasies Tea Party Set, which is great for play dates. With our toys, children can nurture their creative side and build their own fantasy wonderland.


    Fairy Figures also come in a travel Fairy Fantasies Toob, which are perfect for roadtrips or taking to class for show-and-tell!

    Posted on Friday, August 10th 2012

    Importance of Educational Toys

    For the last 30 years, our company, Safari Ltd. has taken pride in creating quality replicas that are inspired by nature. Our company was first inspired by a themed deck of cards of endangered species. Later, we would sign a license agreement with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History that allowed us to produce authentic, scale-model dinosaur figures with the collaboration of their paleontologists.


    It is our dedication to authenticity and education that sets our replicas apart in the industry. Each purchase of our products has accompanying educational information that can be found on our website. Our educational information section of our website has allowed us to extend the reach to our customers by being available in five different languages anywhere there is Internet access available. Whether you are a parent, educator, or collector we are happy to provide this service to help you learn more about your replicas.

    Posted on Monday, June 18th 2012

    Toys to Travel With

    On plane or train trips, long car rides, and days at the beach — or whenever peace & quiet is required — keep your child entertained by bringing along a favorite toy that travels well. Not only are our products educational, and fun, but they are also easy to slip into your travel bag.


    Our Safari Ltd. TOOBS® packaging makes our sets a great choice for traveling. The tube container is an easy way to keep your child’s toys together without taking up too much space packing. We are sure that we have a set to satisfy any child’s play dreams too with a variety of sets ranging from dragons, farm animals, exotic birds, to revolutionary war replicas.  So the next time you are getting ready for your next trip, remember our TOOBS®!


    Posted on Monday, June 4th 2012

    Creating One-of-a-Kind Class Projects

    Building models and dioramas for class projects are a great way for children to learn about a particular subject in a “hands on” manner.  Our Wild Safari® line is the perfect accessory to spice up your child’s next school project, and is also a great way for children to have fun outside the classroom once their diorama is completed. 




    With the help of our Wild Safari® series, a child can take their next art or science class project from boring and dreary, to exciting and lively, with one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, educational models.                               

    Posted on Wednesday, May 30th 2012

    Kicking off the Summer with Memorial Day Weekend

    Memorial Day celebrations have been an American tradition since 1868, and today many of us throw parties and barbecues, combining a serious occasion with a get together of close friends and family. It’s a day to commemorate and catch up with loved ones – hosting the party should not be stressful. To ensure a day of rest and relaxation, plan ahead. How will you keep the kids occupied so the parents can enjoy the party?



    Children enjoy playing with one another, but it’s smart to plan structured activities. If you’re expecting a lot of kids then plan a scavenger hunt in the backyard. Using prizes that the children will be able to play with once the scavenger hunt is over will occupy them for hours. Our Safariology series is economical, educational, and encourages outdoor adventure and play. Plus, prizes will ensure a fun environment for the children and a stress-free party for the parents.

    Posted on Monday, May 21st 2012

    Off to the Horse Ranch

    From a young age, some girls and boys dream of riding horses or even want to grow up to be cowboys.  The one thing every parent can agree on is that every child wants to have fun.  


    With over 30 themes to choose from, your child can have endless amounts of fun with our Winner’s Circle series!  From Clydesdales to Chincoteagues and Saddlebreds to Stallions, we offer a perfect way for children to learn about horses while they play.

    Each hand painted replica comes with educational information so that your child can learn about the horses they love so much.  Whether your child is playing “cowboys and Indians” or pretending to be rescued from a knight in shining armor, our Winner’s Circle series is a “must have” for any toy bin!

    Posted on Tuesday, April 10th 2012

    Travel Back to the time of the Dinosaurs

    It’s no secret that a lot of children have an infatuation with dinosaurs.

    There’s no better way to let your child’s imagination run than by transforming their room in to a place dedicated to the land before time. With our dinosaur themes, your child can create an ode to all things prehistoric from T-Rexes to Triceratops, and Velociraptors to Iguanodons.

    We suggest placing our Wild Safari Dinos & Prehistoric Life on your night-stand to create a life-like dinosaur habitat. Whether you’re recreating scenes from the Jurassic period or just love dinosaurs, our products are the perfect way to turn your child’s room in to a dinosaur themed dwelling at an affordable price.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 4th 2012

    Get Ready to go on a Safari

    Lions, giraffes, and monkeys…oh my! With our products, you can transform your child’s room into an African safari jungle and let their imagination take them to a far off land. Our hand-painted, replica models are a perfect way to turn any room into a breathtaking safari theme with animals like our elephants, lions, gorillas, and tigers.  

    We suggest placing our Wild Safari animals like giraffes or elephants on your child’s dresser or wall unit to add a touch of liveliness to your safari themed room.

    With over 70 themes of wildlife at affordable prices, our collection will add unlimited excitement to any room and captivate the imagination of children and adults alike!

    Posted on Thursday, March 29th 2012